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Vertical and Upright Polyethylene Tanks

Sierra Sales delivering two (2) 3500 gallon HDLPE double wall safe tanks to a Remediation project for the Dept of Energy where we shipped another project's large XLPE single wall flat bottom bulk storage tank, saving both projects transport costs. While fuel continues to soar, you can bet we will coordinate 'best in class' shipping to you or the job site. Via our freight division, we can ship 'fully dedicated' direct to the project or end-user, or with other goods to maximize efficiency and minimize freight costs.

Dept. of Energy Remediation, Kevil, KY

Or feel free to arrange your own pick-up and delivery via the carrier of your choice from any of our five strategically located manufacturings.

Tank Truck Delivering a Safe PE Tank

Polyethylene flat bottom, dome top vertical
tanks have capacities from 22 gallons to the worlds' largest 16,500 gallons. Safe double wall tank systems are available to 6,500 gallons. Poly cone or conical bottom tanks are available in 15 to 11,500 gallons.
SYNDER TANKS - USED WITH PERMISSIONThese safe polyethylene chemical storage tanks are rotationally molded, one piece, seamless in a variety of resins. High density polyethylene, high density linear poly, crosslink (or crosslinked) poly; HDPE, HDXLPE, XLPE, HDLPE. Each resin has its own specific characteristics and use in the chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, wastewater, petro-chemical, and other related industries.

They are available in verticals, horizontals, cone bottom, uprights, and safe polyethylene double wall tanks, systems, and poly containment basins.

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One of the above tank was used for storing sodium hypochlorite at 17% and were warranteed for three [3] years by the manufacturer. This configuration is shipped daily throughout the United States because of value and availability. Taken off the truck this containment system is ready to go. Or try our poly safe double wall tanks or our poly safe tank systems; a vertical or upright poly tank with a poly containment basin. Read about our poly containment basins and "safe" double wall, self-contained covered, plastic chemical storage tanks.

The Chlorine Institute, Inc., Phamplet 96 titled SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE MANUAL, Edition 2, May 2000, Section 6.2, Storage Containers, Subsection, Materials of Construction, paragraph c), reads:

"Sodium hypochlorite users and manufacturers have had success with high density linear polyethylene tanks, however, high density cross-linked polyethylene should not be used. Vertical stress cracking has been experienced with the cross-linked polyethylene storage tanks in this service."

This has, and continues to be Sierra Sales's, and Sierra Sales's customers' experiences. Sierra Sales offers a better warranty along with better pricing for this service. Order Phamplet 96 at this site and see for yourself. Why has cross-linked poly been spec'd so often? At one time it was the "only" resin available. The original cross-linked polyethylene resins are no longer available and, the rotational equipment is usually out-dated compared to our modern equipment.

Sierra Sales offers a full range of product designs including: closed or open top poly vertical (upright) tanks in flat or cone bottoms, horizontal, horizontal leg, plastic IBCs, DOT and UN approved. Small batch or "day" tanks, the worlds' largest selection of poly containment basins and safe poly double wall tanks. Our plastic IBCs are priced to travel.

We are meeting the demands of a changing world and are doing everything humanly possible to protect and preserve the environment, and are aiding in the design and development of storage vessels for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, petrochemical, and related industries that are all designed to protect the environment. Our raw materials are non-polluting and non-toxic. Most of our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable. We would be more than happy to send you a quotation via email without the fuss or muss. No sales calls. No bulk mailings. Click on our Rapid Quote Link for assistance selecting and configuring a poly tank "solution" for your bulk storage needs.

  • Industrial (ASTM-1998-06) and Commercial design standards available.
  • Material options for a diverse range of applications
  • High-density linear polyethylene (HDLPE)*- black and natural white color - complies with FDA Regulation 177.1520 and NSF/ANSI 61 standards.
  • Cross-linked, high density polyethylene (XLPE) - black and natural white color
  • Opaque white sodium hypochlorite resin #880059 (up to 12,500 Gal.)
  • Sulfuric acid resin #880046 (up to 15,000 Gal.)
  • Available with IBC 2006 seismic and 150 mph wind restraint tie-down systems.
  • Specific gravity ratings are based on the industry's most severe calculation.
  • Standard specific gravity choices are 1.5 and 1.9, other ratings are available upon request.
  • All materials are UV stabilized for long-term outdoor service.

Our straight forward, honest, and working for you at a lower profit margin than our competition will please your engineering and purchasing personnel.

Download the Sierra Sales Specification for Polyethylene Upright Storage Tanks here

Capacities and Dimensions
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corrosion and Chemical Resistant Polyethylene and  Fiberglass Tanks

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