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Intermediate Bulk Containers


MEGATAINER Versatile and Lightweight, the industry's largest poly, all plastic, IBC system offers dependable transportation of bulk chemicals with reduced shipping and handling costs. These all plastic IBCs are priced to travel too! UN and DOT tested. The largest all plastic IBC on the market today! Transport your sodium hypochlorite (bleach) in these JUMBO all plastic IBCs!

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PREMIUM SQUARE STACKABLE The industry's best selling, all-poly, all plastic IBC provides an unparalleled value in long-term reusable plastic IBCs for both hazardous and nonhazardous commodity liquids. Premium Square Stackable all plastic IBCs offers maximum features and component packages for a variety of applications.

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A more economical version of the Premium Square all plastic Stackable IBCs allows users to reduce costs further and eliminate unnecessary product features and components. Standard Square Stackable is an all plastic IBC built to last at a price that makes sense. UN and DOT certified.

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Ultratainer's revolutionary design combines the superior structural integrity of a cylindrical tank with the material handling benefits of a square all plastic IBC. The result is IBC construction which is virtually indestructible and all plastic. Ultratainer IBCs are well suited for handling heavy materials up to 1.9 specific gravity (over 15 pounds per gallon!). UN and DOT approved.

This is the ultimate in safety and durability. A heavier material construction enables this all plastic IBC, the Heavy-Duty Ultratainer, all plastic IBCs, to safely and legally handle vapor pressures up to 42 P.S.I.G. (62 P.S.I.G. test rating). This guards against any long term changes in D.O.T., E.P.A., or O.S.H.A. Regulations regarding vapor containment.

ULTRA-LINER SYSTEM Eliminate the need to clean altogether. Our Ultra-Liner System is easier to use and more cost effective than any other U.N.-certified tank-liner product on the market. The inner tank was designed to interface with the liner, assuring reliable liner performance, filling, handling and draining. The ULTRA in all plastic IBC systems!

SAF-TAINER It's the most cost effective IBC containment system on the market today. The unique polyethylene design reduces the risk of unrecoverable spills and protects the environment. It's economical price and versatile design saves you money while safely addressing your company's ever changing environmental concerns. Put your all plastic IBCs, steel, or composite (steel and plastic IBCs) safely on these "strong as steel" corrosion and chemically resistant SAF-TAINER's.

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OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES Sierra Sale's full line of options and accessories helps cater our container and all plastic IBCs to your company's specific requirements. Sierra Sales's product offering is a direct response to customer requests. We strongly urge you to ask for features your company desires that are not included within our buyer's guide. Read about poly containment basins and safe, self-contained, double wall poly chemical tanks!

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